About Us

HimaraTech is a small software development company located in Dallas, TX. Our primary focus is to incrementally deliver value to our customers by leveraging powerful software solutions using the latest cloud native technologies. 


Agile development is not just a process but a culture at HimaraTech. Our cross-functional development teams are composed of certified Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Software Engineers with many years of industry experience. Unlike big IT firms, we dedicate time to listen to your business needs, understand your business requirements and learn about your product vision. Our company’s objective is to earn your business and become your long-term trusted partner. 


Our process is simple. We meet with you to understand your business needs, gather business requirements and scope out the project. Based on the complexity of the project, we will assemble a dedicated cross-functional development team that will work with you day-to-day throughout the entire project. 


At HimaraTech, we’re committed to making your business realize its full potential, maximize productivity and get a competitive edge. Together, we will craft a solution that best meets your business needs and requirements, and with our experienced Agile development teams we will deliver on the project objectives.