Our Process

We simplify the process of software development by providing your business with the resources needed to get the job done. A typical Agile Software Development Project needs a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Solutions Architect, Software Engineers and QA Engineers. For a small company this can become very expensive and time consuming to hire the needed resources to get the project started. At HimaraTech, we have a large pool of talented technologist with many years of industry experience ready to help your company turn the product vision into reality. Our process is simple. We meet with you to discuss your vision, gather requirements and agree on a budget. We then assemble a cross-functional development team that will work with your business day-to-day to get your project completed on-time and within budget. With this approach, you're only paying for the resources that is needed for your project. 

1. Initial Meeting & Consultation

The initial meeting is to learn more about your company, current IT infrastructure and business need.

  • Complimentary consultation

  • Discuss preliminary requirements to better understand the project

  • Go over pricing and estimated cost of development

  • Discuss next steps

2. Planning & Budget

This meeting is held over two days to discuss in detail the requirements, project scope and create business objectives.

  • Overview of agile development process

  • Gather business requirements, define project scope and create business objectives

  • Create Epics link to each business objective

  • Create user stories with acceptance criteria 

  • Plan for iterations (2 week duration)

  • Finalize project budget

3. Design & Development

Once the business objectives have been created, project scope is defined and business requirements have been gathered, we start the agile development process.

  • Assemble agile development team and start iteration planning

  • Start iteration 1 ( 2 week duration) with users stories created during planning sessions (Step 2)

  • Follow engineering best practices, test-driven development and code coverage

  • Hold daily stand-ups with the team to measure progress

4. Testing

We have dedicated QA Engineers working closely with developers throughout the development process.

  • QA Engineers are part of the agile development team

  • They work closely with developers to test every piece of functionality and manage code defects are resolved before moving to next phase 

  • Provide test strategies to ensure higher code quality and defect free software

5. Incremental Delivery

Our development process is iterative and incremental. This means we deliver pieces of working software functionality at the end of every iteration. 

  • At the end of every iteration, we demo completed software to business stakeholders

  • After demo, we gather your feedback and incorporate into upcoming iterations

  • Business value is realized at the end of each iteration by having working software

6. Maintenance & Support

We provide you with guidance and support throughout the duration of the project and after project completion.

  • Your satisfaction is our priority. We guide you through every phase of the development process and always incorporate your feedback into the development process to ensure your happy with the end product

  • We're there even after project completion to provide technical support


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